Sid –  Nutritional Q&A in Marbella

Sid – The Body Mechanic – McCarthy

Sid – AKA ‘The Body Mechanic’, is a highly experienced Movement Specialist with a proved track record.

He specialises in identifying and correcting movement patterns and imbalances, allowing for pain free movement and increasing strength potential and performance.

Sid has been privileged enough to work with a number of Elite Level Athletes across a wide range of sporting disciplines including Pro Boxers, Cyclists, MMA, TeamGB Skiers and Track Athletes as well as Competitive Bodybuilders to name but a few, making his experience and knowledge invaluable.

“It has always fascinated me as to what the human body is capable of. Understanding how your body can and should move is the key to unleashing your true potential.

We need to take away the emphasis on ‘repetition’ and think more of ‘replication’. Our first aim is to create and apply quality of movement, our second is to replicate that quality.

If we focus more on the application of the movement rather that the result, we can accomplish so much more. If you apply the correct formula, the result will take care of itself.”

His other passion is all aspects of nutrition and how this affects performance and health.

“The difference good nutrition can make to each of our lives is almost immeasurable. Seeing how I can improve a client’s health, through nutrition and training is immensely rewarding – for everyone!”

Strength & Conditioning is also a speciality, whether you are just starting out, an experienced lifter or a professional athlete, Sid will be able to improve your technique and help you smash your goals.

Georgie – International UKDFBA Figure Competitor

Georgina McCarthy

Georgie – AKA ‘The Machine’ is United Kingdom Drug Free Bodybuilding Association Heart of England 2017 Regional Champion and currently ranked 3rd Internationally.

As a competitive Figure Athlete Georgie will be seen training regularly in the gym…and her nutritionist? Yup – Husband Sid – Perfect match!

As a Personal Trainer Georgie specialises in fat loss, female training and body composition.

“I’m a very ‘personal’ trainer. I am on a journey with my client and need to have that connection so that you both know you are in this together. Form is key too – I’m a stickler for it, so I’m also very ‘hands-on’…with your consent of course!”

We’re always around in the gym…so come and say “Hi”.

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